Statewide Index to Mississippi Death Records (1912 - 1943)

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If you find an error in this database or can contribute death certificate details, please email us.

About this project:

  1. Mississippi officially began to record state-wide deaths in November of 1912, though the records from then until 1921 are not complete. A series of indexes to the death certificates were later created, beginning with one that covered the years 1912 to 1924 and then yearly through 1943.
  2. This database contains information taken from the Mississippi Death Certificate Index, most transcribed from the original microfilm.
  3. DISCLAIMER: Transcriptions from the microfilm rolls were made by many people and have been entered into our database without being additionally compared to the source documents (i.e., proof-read or re-verified). In addition to any erroneous information provided by an informant at the time of death - and then written on the original certificates - copying errors could have occurred during the creation of the Death Index itself. Finally, there could have been any number of other errors made during the transcription ("digitization") of the microfilm records. There were lots of humans involved, after all! We therefore do not presume to guarantee that the results produced by the Search Engine are correct. Use this database as a reference, not authoritative proof!
  4. Sorry, we are not able do lookups in the microfilm rolls.

While using this index, you should consider the following:

  1. If you use the surname search option, you will probably need to enter alternate spellings of the surname. At the time of the transcription, the original records could have been misread. Spelling variations were also common when the death certificate was recorded. For these reasons, a surname such as SMITH could actually appear in this index as SMYTH or SMYTHE.
  2. If you fail to find a person using the surname search and you know the county where they lived, you may want to use the county search option.
  3. Some records did not include the given name of the deceased. These records appear in the list of surnames as, for example, MORAN, [Unnamed] or MORAN, [Stillborn]. In some of those cases, you may find the name or initials of a parent in parentheses.
  4. Death certificates for some married women are listed under the name of the husband, such as COLEMAN, A. R. Mrs..
  5. Race categories vary across the range of the index. For records between 1912 and 1924, the terms "White" and "Colored" were used. In the 1925 (and subsequent) records, a code was used to identify the race of the deceased: 1 for "White", 2 for "Non-White" (i.e., "Black") and 3 for "Indian". You will find the term "UNKNOWN" when race data was not available..
  6. In cases where the search engine produces a death certificate number, you can order a copy from the Mississippi State Department of Health or Mississippi Department of Archives and History.
  7. Remember: if the individual died out of state, you will not find a death record issued in Mississippi, even if the body was returned to the state for burial.