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The links listed below include some of the resources our researchers have used to locate their COOGAN ancestors. Additional genealogy links can be found at the "transcriptions" and "documents" sections. If you have a product or service that could assist COOGAN surname researchers, you may send us an email request to post it on this page.

Census Records
1841 - New South Wales Census Index
1841 - South Australia Census Index
1881 - South Australia Census Index
1891 - New South Wales Census Index
1901 - New South Wales Census Index

1841 - Prince Edward Island (PE) Census Index
1851 - New Brunswick (NB) Census Index
1851 - FULL Canada Census Index
1861 - FULL Canada Census Index
1871 - FULL Canada Census Index
1871 - Ontario (ON) Census Index
1881 - FULL Canada Census Index
1891 - FULL Canada Census Index
1891 - Prince Edward Island (PE) Census Index
1901 - FULL Canada Census Index
1901 - Prince Edward Island (PE) Census Index
1911 - FULL Canada Census Index
1916 - Alberta (AB) Census Index
1916 - Manitoba (MB) Census Index
1916 - Saskatchewan (SK) Census Index

1901 - FULL Ireland Census Index
1911 - FULL Ireland Census Index

United Kingdom
1841 - FULL United Kingdom Census Index
1841 - England and Wales Census Index
1851 - FULL United Kingdom Census Index
1861 - FULL United Kingdom Census Index
1861 - England and Wales Census Index
1871 - FULL United Kingdom Census Index
1881 - FULL United Kingdom Census Index
1881 - England Census Index
1901 - FULL United Kingdom Census Index
1901 - England Census Index
1911 - England Census Index
1911 - Scotland Census Index

United States
1850 - FULL US Census Index
1855 - Illinois (IL) Census Index
1855 - Massachusetts (MA) Census Index
1860 - FULL US Census Index
1865 - Illinois (IL) Census Index
1865 - Massachusetts (MA) Census Index
1865 - Minnesota (MN) Census Index
1870 - FULL US Census Index
1870 - Michigan (MI) Census Index
1875 - Wisconsin (WI) Census Index
1880 - FULL US Census Index
1885 - Iowa (IA) Census Index
1885 - New Jersey (NJ) Census Index
1885 - Rhode Island (RI) Census Index
1890 - Oklahoma (OK) Census Index
1892 - New York (NY) Census Index
1892 - Washington (WA) Census Index
1895 - Wisconsin (WI) Census Index
1900 - FULL US Census Index
1905 - New York (NY) Census Index
1905 - Rhode Island (RI) Census Index
1905 - Wisconsin (WI) Census Index
1910 - FULL US Census Index
1910 - Washington (WA) Census Index
1915 - Rhode Island (RI) Census Index
1920 - FULL US Census Index
1925 - Kansas (KS) Census Index
1925 - Rhode Island (RI) Census Index
1925 - South Dakota (SD) Census Index
1930 - FULL US Census Index
1935 - Florida (FL) Census Index
1935 - Rhode Island (RI) Census Index
1935 - South Dakota (SD) Census Index
1945 - Florida (FL) Census Index
1945 - South Dakota (SD) Census Index

COOGAN Surname
Surname Web - COOGAN
Links for other COOGAN sites

Culture - Ireland
Island Ireland
Link Ireland
Irish Culture site
Irish Culture site (family crests, shirts, mugs, etc.)
Irish Culture site

Genealogy - Worldwide
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
Firstmom's Genealogy Resources
Really useful site for ANY genealogy research
Lots of resources - lookups, etc.

Genealogy - United States
Online Genealogy Indexes
Lots of Birth, Marriage & Death database links
Lots of transcriptions (census, etc.)

Boston Public Library, Boston, MA 2003
Catonsville Library, Catonsville, MD 2009
Charleston County Public Library, Charleston, SC 2006
Elting Library, New Paltz, NY 2000
Free Public Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 2009
Lewiston Library, Lewiston, ME 2008
Library of Congress, Washington, DC 2000, 2012
Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA 1998, 1999, 2000
Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library, Meridian, MS 1994, 2000
National Archives, Washington, DC 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007
New Jersey State Archives, Trenton, NJ 2010
New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, LA 2009
Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, VA 2007, 2008
Oelwein Public Library, Oelwein, IA 2004
Pottsville Public Library, Pottsville, PA 2009
Quebec Provincial Archives, Montreal, QC, Canada 2006
Saint Louis Public Library, St. Louis, MO 2002
Samford U. Library, Birmingham, AL 1994, 1999, 2000
San Diego Public Library, San Diego, CA 2004
Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA 2008, 2009
Sutro Library, San Francisco, CA 2002
Texas Christian U. Library, Fort Worth, TX 2009
U. of Southern Mississippi Library, Hattiesburg, MS 1993, 1994
LDS (Mormon) Family History Centers:
Fort Worth, TX2006
Jacksonville, FL1999, 2000, 2004, 2009
Hingham, MA2000
Honolulu, HI2004
Norfolk, VA2000
Pensacola, FL1999
Powder Springs, GA2003
San Diego, CA1995, 2004
LDS (Mormon) Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT 2011

Message Boards
Allows for global search, forum search, etc.
Allows for search of Rootsweb/Ancestry messages
Allows members of the CRG to exchange messages.

Google News
Library of Congress
Newspaper Archive
Historical News Clippings
Transcriptions of Historical News
Recent Obituaries and Death Notices
Historical News Clippings
Historical News Clippings
Resource for writing obituaries

Vital Records
New South Wales (NSW) Registry of BDM
Queensland (QLD) Registry of BDM

United Kingdom
United Kingdom (UK) Free BMD Index
United Kingdom (UK) BMD Certificates

United States
Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
Idaho (ID) Death Index
Illinois (IL) State Archives
Maine (ME) State Archives
Maryland (MD) State Archives
Massachusetts (MA) State Archives
Michigan (MI) GENDIS
Minnesota (MN) Historical Society
Missouri (MO) State Archives
New Jersey (NJ) Archives
Oregon (OR) Death Index
South Carolina (SC) Death Index

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