Coogan Research Group: Search Help
This page gives tips for best search engine search results.

Important Tips:
     1. You may not find your Coogans with a search.

     2. Don't be too specific - you may miss your Coogans.

     3. Make sure there is a space between each search word.

     4. Dates use the format DAY, MONTH, YEAR (i.e. 01 JAN 2001).

For best results, you will need to try several different searches:
     1. Try typing in just the first and last name of the person. This may only yield one or two results, so you will save yourself some trouble. If there are more than about 10 results, try step number 2.

     2. Enter first and last name of the person and a city or state where that person might have lived. This search works best, since there are many census and city directory (as well as vital records) that might list the person. If there are still too many results (over 50), move to step 3.

     3. You can type the first and last name of the person, the location where they lived, and the year you want to locate them. This may not lead to ANY results - it is the most specific search.

What you will find:
You are going to get a variety of information that may not seem relevant. Sometimes, there will be a list of names that is so long that you can't see the name you wanted. Use the browser "find" function (CONTROL F for MS Internet Explorer) and then type the name/date/location that you want.

You may also find a researcher that is looking for a similar name or location.

If you don't find what you want:
     1. Submit your COOGAN research data to the CRG. If someone else does a search on YOUR family, you will get a connection.

     2. Try again on another day. We often add transcription data and you may have better luck in the future.